At Emmett’s, we consider ourselves “traditional brewers”. That means we use only traditional ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast. We pride ourselves on giving you the best example of traditional beer styles, and spare no expense in doing so. When you try a German Pilsener or an English Pale Ale at Emmett’s, we guarantee your pint will be as close to the original as you can get (without actually getting on a plane and flying across the pond!)
Brewing world-class beer starts with the right ingredients. We import all our ingredients from the country of origin, according to the style of beer we are brewing. In today’s global economy, we are blessed with the opportunity to obtain the finest ingredients from all over the world. Being able to order a traditional Belgian yeast strain, fresh picked hops from Germany, or the finest malt on the planet from England makes our finished product stand out above the rest. It costs more to brew beer that way, but our reputation rides on every pint. Maybe that’s why Emmett’s has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally with prestigious awards for our fine handcrafted beers.

Distinct, traditional recipes created with only the best ingredients produces a superior product. Our goal is to ensure that product reaches you in absolute pristine condition. On our brewery tours we always say, “From grain to glass is 40 feet”. What that means is, the entire process of brewing, fermenting, conditioning, filtering and serving our beer all happens in that short distance. It can’t get any fresher! Beer is always best at its source, and brewing in small batches assures you that every pint of Emmett’s Ale House beer will be fresh, traditional and delicious.

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